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The fastest most inexpensive way to enter the growing gutter-cover market!

Trim-A-Gutter shown with optional Unilegs.

In a perfect world all roof and fascia profiles are exactly the same. A one story ranch with a 4/12 pitch gable roof, a trimmed 1x6 fascia board and a seamless gutter ready for installation. In the real world, no two jobs are ever the same. One job may be a 12/12 pitch roof being re-shingled with sagging gutters that have to be re-hung. The next job is an 8/12 hip roof tear-off calling for new gutter-cover over existing gutter and the colors have to match.

Van Mark combines both worlds giving you Trim-A-Gutter Tools and Accessories. Now you can form gutter-cover from trim coil for virtually any profile, right on the jobsite. Along with aluminum extruded brackets and plated anchors, the patent pending Trim-A-Gutter tool is designed for all levels of expertise.

Van Mark Model No. TAG50

  • 50" rolling capacity for forming industry standard lengths
  • Tool designed for special brackets & anchors (sold separately)
  • The fastest, most inexpensive way to get in on this business
  • Match gutter colors more precisely for effortless integration
  • Generous profit margins over existing off-the-shelf products

Tools made in the USA

How It Works!

As rainwater collects and cascades over the gutter-cover, a natural surface tension is created causing the rainwater to follow the contours of the gutter-cover. Once gravity takes over, the rainwater has cleared the gutter edge and falls into the gutter trough itself. Leaves and other rigid debris are unable to make the transition, falling harmlessly to the ground.

Only One System Can Adapt to Fit Virtually Any Gutter/Fascia/Roof Profile,Trim-A-Gutter

Under the Shingle
12/12 Pitch Over the Shingle
12/12 Pitch Fascia Mount
8/12 Pitch Over the Shingle
18/12 Pitch Over the Shingle
12/12 Box Gutter Fascia Mount

Installation Instructions

Unimount included with tool, lets you mount Trim-A-Gutter on your Van Mark brake, or independently using the optional Unileg supports.