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For applications where leading and sharp edge hazards are present and the only anchorage connection is at foot-level, a FallTech Leading Edge Lanyard is the right equipment for the job.

Designed for sharp and leading edge falls, the FallTech leading edge lanyards are constructed with highly durable materials for foot-level tie-off for a maximum 12' free fall. The lightweight design allows for freedom of movement, will not pull on your back, and are able to be connected to most FallTech Trailing I-Beam Anchors, providing increased safety and productivity.

Falltech Model No. 8354LE

  • 6' Leading Edge Lanyard with Steel Snap Hooks
  • Can be used with foot-level and overhead tie-offs for 6' or 12' free fall
  • 1/4” heavy duty abrasion and cut resistant steel cable for long life
  • Lifeline cable tested on a .005 radius sharpened steel edge
  • Red protective PVC cover on the cable provides easy identification of a Leading Edge lanyard
  • 12' free fall energy absorber designed to limit fall forces to 1,800 lbs. with average arrest forces of 1,350 lbs. in the event of a fall
  • The patented WrapPack cover protects the energy absorber from harsh environmental conditions and day-to-day use and offers a protected window to allow visual inspection of the internal webbing
  • A lightweight and affordable Leading Edge solution
  • User Capacity – ANSI: 130 to 310 lbs

Tools made in the USA