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We have the blades for your power trowel

Blades are made of heavy-duty steel to exacting specifications. Each blade is designed for longer life and greater performance. Quality and vakue is the trade mark of every ProForm blade.

A combination blade is made from high carbon steel and can provide both floating and finishing functions. By comparison, it is smaller than a float blade and larger than a finish blade. For the floating function, combination blades are run flat, with the leading edge and sides having a slight upward bend so they do not dig into the concrete (similar to the float blade).

For the finishing function, the trailing edge is flat to give a hard, flat finish. The combination blade is used in one direction and cannot be reversed, unlike a finish blade. Some contractors like to use a combination blade, early on in the finishing process after pan floating, to close the small aggregate drag marks that may be left from the floating process.

Kraft Tool Model No. SK231

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