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Rugged Green Beam Laser System for Interior Construction

Designed for interior applications, the HV302G handles a wide variety of horizontal, vertical and plumb applications. A high visibility green beam can be easily seen even in brightly lit interior conditions. A split beam enables plumb point transfer and 90 degree layout.

With an improved specification compared to the previous model, the HV301G, the HV302G has an accuracy ±1/16 inch @ 100 ft (±1.5mm @ 30 m) and a visible working range of 250 ft (75 m). This allows interior contractors to work in larger areas with a single set-up to and to a higher accuracy.

The laser is extremely rugged and can be dropped up to 3 feet (1 meter) onto concrete and withstand tripod tip-overs up to 5 feet (1.5 meters) resulting in reduced downtime. Even in the toughest jobsite conditions, the laser consistently delivers reliable and accurate performance to increase overall productivity.

The HV302G is simple and easy to use. It has a fully functional radio remote (RC402N) with a range of 330 ft (100m). The RC402N is included as standard in the HV302G packages. Slope and vertical alignments can be simplified by using the optional HL760U receiver. This can significantly reduce setup time and speed of operation.

The HV302G is available in 2 configurations – one without a receiver and one with a HR150U. To take advantages of the advanced functionality of the HL760U it can be ordered separately.

RC402N Remote Control

The HV302 comes with the RC402N Remote Control and features a keypad and backlit LCD with on-screen indicators. With a working rage of up to 330 feet, the RC402N allows construction professionals to perform leveling and slope matching from anywhere on the jobsite.

This Spectra remote control works up to 130 hours using two AA alkaline batteries. It also has an IP66 rating for protection against dust and heavy rain.

HV302G-1 Includes:

  • RC402N Remote Control
  • Wall Mount
  • Magnetic Target
  • 10 ah NiMh Batteries
  • 110v Worldwide Battery Charger
  • Jobsite Tough Carrying Case

HV302G-1 Features & Benefits

  • High accuracy ±1/16 in at 100 ft (±1.5 mm at 30 m)
  • High-visibility beam – easily visible even in brightly lit conditions-Working visible range of 250 ft (75 m) radius
  • Split beam – enables plumb point transfer and 90-degree layout
  • Fast setup, minimal training time and automatic self-leveling minimize operating costs and boostproductivity
  • Highly rugged design and metal sunshade protect the rotor head and glass, and offers superiordrop and weather protection for reduced downtime
  • Single-axis slope mode selectable at the X- and Y- axis provides grade matching with self-levelingcross axis for improved accuracy
  • Energy-efficient design offers choice of rechargeable NiMH batteries or alkaline batteries for loweroperating costs
  • Long range RC402N Radio remote control
  • Radio communication between the HL760U DRO receiver and the laser provides automatic GradeMatching and PlaneLok


  • Interior, light to medium commercial and residential construction
  • Squaring/layout
  • Leveling and aligning of interior walls
  • Installation of ceilings and raised floors
  • Interior finishing work
  • Vertical alignment
  • Plumb

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