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The Spectra Precision LT58G Laser Tool provides a bright green 360° laser line and is ideal for ceiling work. The LT58G is so bright it is even visible at 100 feet (30m) in rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. The unit is compact, lightweight and easy to use with its ceiling mount. The optimized mount attaches to all types of ceiling track, including shadow track.

The 2 vertical green beams are 90° apart. They can be used for 90° layout, plumb work and floor-to-ceiling point transfer.

The LT58G contains a powerful 7200 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that provides 19 continuous hours of green beam operation. It also can be operated directly with AC power. This eliminates the cost and waste of replacing alkaline batteries every day.

Spectra Laser Model No. LT58G

  • Bright crisp laser lines - Green horizontal beam is ideal for ceiling work
  • Lithium-Ion batteries provide 19 hour operating time - 4x competition battery operating time – can work all day
  • Rugged and durable - 3 foot (1m) drop specification means the LT56G can keep working even after minor accidents
  • Accessory includes ceiling mount that attaches to all types of ceiling track
  • Warranty – 3 year / 2 year no cost - convenient over-the-counter exchange


  • Universal ceiling/wall mount
  • Green target
  • Battery charger
  • Spacer for shadow track
  • Hard case


  • Wall layout
  • Framing alignment
  • Point transfer
  • Acoustical ceiling installation
  • Cabinet and trim installation
  • Tile layout and installation
  • Short range exterior leveling

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