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The Husqvarna battery-powered BV 30i power screed provides improved ergonomics, easy operation and low maintenance. Thanks to its easy maneuvering, zero emissions during use and no need to purchase and fill oil and gas, this machine stands for a better work environment. It also enhances flexibility, as it can be used indoors, operates on batteries that fit other Husqvarna battery products and is compatible with all existing BV 30 screed blades. The BV 30i requires very low maintenance. Thanks to its battery-powered engine, there are less wear parts, no oil changes needed and the risk of using the wrong fuel is a thing of the past.

This BV 30i kit comes with two BLi300 batteries and a QC500 charger. BLi300 is an integrated pro-battery with exceptionally high capacity, designed to optimize productivity and long runtime in all weather conditions. This battery system is an affordable alternative to increase uptime without having to invest in backpack batteries. Efficient cooling and intuitive 4-LED charge indicator. The QC500 charger is optimized for fast charging of BLi300 batteries. It offers 500W output with active battery cooling and charges batteries up to 50% faster than our QC330 charger.

Husqvarna Model No. 967973801

  • Zero emissions during use and no need to purchase and fill oil and gas
  • Use indoors or in areas that noise levels and emissions may be regulated
  • Powered by Husqvarna BLI200 or BLI300 batteries which are compatible with many other Husqvarna products
  • Light weight body and adjustable ergonomic handle
  • Cruise control function and intuitive display allow for easy operation

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