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BV 20 G is a gas-powered, vibrating walk-behind concrete power screed designed to provide a high-quality slab. The fuel-efficient Honda engine delivers reliable operation, and the non-corrosive aluminium alloy finish ensures easy maintenance. For perfect results, the vibrations can be adjusted with the engine speed. It can be used directly on thin slabs up to 5.5-inches without vibrating beforehand.

Husqvarna Model No. 967856201

  • Adjust for perfect results: The vibration force can be adjusted with motor speed to produce perfect results.
  • Professional results, every time: The rigid bottom plate features a slightly V-shaped profile that drives excess concrete backwards and refills any footprints you might make.
  • Quality that lasts: There’s little need for maintenance due to lightweight, non-corrosive aluminium profiles.
  • Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacturer) 1 hp

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