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Falltech Edgecore

The FT-X EdgeCore provides a new level of comfort achieved by streamlining its profile. The FT-X rests high and tight inside our back's ergonomic comfort zone, making comfortable all day worker movement a reality. No more aching backs accomplished.

EdgeCore is not a webbing, it is a unique SRL line constituent comprised of Kevlar cables combined with a UV-resistant composite structure that are engineered and tested to meet ANSI Z359.14-2021 requirements. EdgeCore's flexibility and low profile makes for a small, robust, and smooth gliding SRL that enables optimum walking-working speeds. It delivers leading edge lifeline protection toughness at the same time reducing weight by 40% compared to steel cable leading-edge devices. The EdgeCore breaking strength is more than three times that of conventional 3/16” galvanized wire rope used in most personal self-retracting devices.

Falltech Model No. 84108TP5

  • Innovative EdgeCore lifeline is made from Kevlar cables and a UV-resistant composite jacket, weighing 40% less than 3/16” galvanized cable used in most Class 2 SRL-P's
  • Compact design elevates the SRDs to align optimally with worker motion, increasing both comfort and productivity
  • Features comprehensive fall clearance charts and tables inside the energy absorber cover
  • Internal mechanism design minimizes unintentional lockups to keep you moving freely and productively
  • Rated for workers weighing up to 420 pounds, including clothes, tools, gear, etc.
  • Complies with ANSI Z359.14-2021 Class 2 SRL Suitable for below D-ring tie-off up to five feet and leading edge exposures and hazards.

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