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Clean Ream Plus plastic pipe fitting reamers are inserted into a drill (not provided) to clean out the old or broken pipe and leftover solvent cement from a fitting so the fitting can be reused. Reed Tool’s Clean Ream Plus line offers durable, price competitive tools. Hub savers are used for reaming drain and waste piping, vent intake, as well as plumbing fittings, including PVC unions. Reed Tool’s hub saver reamers feature a red, anodized aluminum guide and black cutting disc. The socket saver disc is heat-treated for long life and is sharpenable and/or replaceable.

NOTE: REED Clean Ream Plus hub saver reamers are not recommended for high pressure supply systems or for vent side of gas burning appliance piping systems.

Reed Tool Model No. CRP150

  • Reliable Clean Ream Plus is engineered for 250 or more reams - far more than the competition.
  • Mid-priced model gives exceptional service which means less downtime.
  • Save time and materials by eliminating the need to replace entire sections of pipe.
  • Designed to ream-out Schedule 40 PVC, CPVC & ABS fittings.
  • Heat-treated for long life, the cutting disc may be sharpened and/or replaced.