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The MK Diamond Floor Scraper is a compact stripper that is both durable and easy to use. Both light weight and portable, it is easily handed by a single person and the detachable handle allows for transport in smaller vehicles. Adjustable rear wheels make finding the ideal blade angle quick and simple. The MK-VTS/50 is suitable for small to medium sized residential and light commercial jobs. The MK-VTS/5O removes VCT tile, carpet, sheet vinyl, adhesives and coating.

A Sturdy Stripper With a substantial design and construction, MK Diamond's MK-VTS/50 floor scraper is ready for consistent removal of carpet, vinyl, adhesives, and coatings. It has a high stress, 7/8-inch shaft, and a secure nose weight that helps keep the blade underneath floor coverings, which results in greater job efficiency. This combination makes this a helpful, labor- and time-saving tool for a variety of projects.

Easy to Use and Portable
Simply handled by a single person, the MK-VTS/50 walk-behind floor scraper has a detachable handle, which means that it's a snap to transport it even in smaller vehicles. The adjustable handle height means that it's comfortable to use, and it also has adjustable rear wheels that make finding the ideal blade angle quick and straightforward. This scraper accommodates blade widths up to 12 inches.

MK-VTS/50 Features:

  • Sturdy design for removal of carpet, vinyl, adhesives and coatings
  • High stress, 7/8-inch shaft
  • Walk-behind scraper with adjustable handle height
  • Rear wheels adjust for ideal blade angle
  • Accommodates blade widths to 12-inch
  • Labor and time-saving process for residential and light commercial projects
  • Nose weight helps keep blade underneath floor coverings resulting in greater efficiency
  • Blades sold separately

Users and Parts Manuel

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Model MK-VTS/50
Horsepower 1 hp
Voltage 110 V/220 V 50/60 Hz
Amps 14
LxWxH (inches) 24 x 12 x 43
LxWxH (mm) 610 x 305 x 1,092
Weight 126 lbs.
Part # 167676