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The General Model FCS5AC Rip R Stripper is a highly productive solution for removing a wide range of floor covering materials found on both commercial and DIY projects. Its small size and light weight design makes it highly productive in hard to reach areas such as bathrooms, closet areas and stairways. The FCS5AC works circles around larger stripper machines that lack the same agility and maneuverability. Use it to also remove accumulated layers of thick wallpaper or other strippable materials from vertical surfaces. The ergonomically designed handle enhances balance and helps reduce vibration levels. Adjusts for use under toekick panels. The 5 inch scoring blade can be used to remove coverings from both wood and concrete surfaces.

General Equipment Model FCS5AC

  • Two position operator handle
  • High capacity elastomeric mounts
  • Auto-Stop® carbon brushes
  • Integral current interruption protection
  • Paddle-type ON/OFF switch

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