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Oranger Thunder concrete floats.

Kraft Tool Orange Thunder uniquely designed Angle Groovers is designed to create joints that are diagonal to corners. KO-20™ material allows the blade to move effortlessly across the surface as it moves the 8" aluminum groover bit through the cement. The closed end bit prevents build-up and provides strength to move aggregate to form a perfect groove. This groover bit is 3/4" deep. The bit has a 1/4” radius for smooth edges that won't chip. A sight helps guide the user to create perfectly straight grooves. The 12” wide blade has a square back to fit against walls and forms. The blade grips the material preventing downward drifts on slopes. Impact, chemical, corrosion, and rust resistance allow for a long tool life. Steel bar with aluminum bracket runs across the top of the bit providing support.

Kraft Tool Model No. CC2080

  • Made with revolutionary KO-20™ technology
  • Aluminum bit 3/4 In. deep groove
  • Creates 1/4 In. radius to prevent chipping of concrete
  • Closed bit prevents build-up in tool
  • Designed for grooving diagonally from wall to corner
  • Square back works along forms and walls
  • Low surface friction so groover moves faster across the surface
  • Blade grips to surface preventing downward drift on slopes
  • Impact resistant for extended wear in rough use
  • Chemical, corrosion, and rust resistant
  • Concrete doesn't stick to surface making clean-up a breeze
  • Bright orange color is easy to spot on jobsite
  • Sight helps guide user for perfectly straight grooves
  • Use with clevis handles or adapters See Related Products Below

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