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Carry all the tools to float concrete at once! The 48" GatorLoy Channel Float (#GF11563) has a Gator Glide Adjustable Leveling Bracket (#GF10330) securely attached . The strong aluminum alloy blade has extra-wide rib spacing on top of the blade for added stability. This dual edge float has a rounded front edge for floating and a square 90° back edge for finishing. The round ends on the blade prevent gouging of the surface. The double tilt bracket is made from high-strength aluminum with long-wearing bronze and stainless steel components housed interally to avoid concrete build-up. Dual grease fittings flushes out dirt and lubricates the bracket. Four 6' x 1-3/4" aluminum bull float handles fit snugly in the strong case to eliminate any slippage. The handles are powder coated to prevent the user's hands from turning black from oxidation.

Kraft Tool Model No. GF11564

  • Holds all the tools for floating a slab
  • Ribbed GatorLoy™ Aluminum Alloy Bull Float
  • Round end float prevents gouging
  • Strong Gator Glide™ Double Tilt Bracket
  • Four swaged aluminum 6' x 1-3/4" Button Handles
  • Bright yellow, powder-coated handles
  • Heavy-duty PVC plastic case
  • Strong steel clips hold the case closed
  • Nylon shoulder strap included

Tools made in the USA