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The General Super-Vee drain cleaner offers you a complete system to clear clogged sink, tub and laundry cleaning drain lines through 3 in diameter. With a variety of cables, cutters and accessories available, you have the right combination for any clogged drain problem.

The Slide Action Chuck makes drain cleaning easier. Just pull the Grip Shield back to engage the cable and slide it forward to release. It is safer than a spinning chuck and it automatically adjusts for different cable diameters. As a result, you get your cable into the line faster, pull it out faster, and have full control at all times.

Quick Change Cable Cartridges make it easy to switch to a different diameter cable on this sink machine. You just loosen three screws, pull the front of the drum off and load another cartridge. Changing takes less than a minute and turns what could be a messy job into a clean one. The drain cleaning machine holds 50 ft. of 1/4" or 5/16", or 35 ft. of 3/8" Flexicore cables.

The Super-Vee is built to clear clogged drains for a decade or more. And our Dyna-Thrust bearing system is one reason why. It helps carry the weight of the drum, significantly reducing wear on the motor shaft bearing and extending the life of the tool. Of course the drain cables are Flexicore, with an integral wire rope center. Nobody makes cables like General.

The Super-Vee also comes with the new Band-It splashguard to minimize excess water spray from the spinning drum.

General Wire Model No. R-SV-A

  • For sinks, tubs and laundry drains
  • Slide-Action chuck built into grip shield.
  • Quick-change cartridge makes switching cables clean and easy.
  • Unique Dyna-Thrust bearing system for longer tool life.
  • Band-It splashguard minimizes excess water spray from the spinning drum.
  • Flexicore wire rope center cables have unequalled strength yet the right amount of flexibility.

Tools made in the USA