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General's professional six-foot  Teletube Closet Auger is the ideal tool for breaking up stoppages or removing lost objects in clogged toilet bowls. The heavy-duty six-foot  Teletube Closet Auger lets you clear stoppages just beyond the bowl. No need to lift the bowl, because the Teletube has an extra three feet telescoped inside a guide tube until you need it. After you've worked the first three feet into the bowl, you can go three feet farther simply by pressing a button and pulling the crank handle.

Double Spring Construction

Both the three-foot and the Telescoping six-foot closet augers feature patented Flexicore wire rope center cables. Flexicore cable is made from two layers of tempered spring wire wrapped tightly around a 49-strand wire rope center. It resists kinking and breaking yet has the right flexibility to go through low flow toilets. It's so tough, it's guaranteed for a full year.

General Wire Model No. T6FL

  • Double spring construction
  • Big 1-1/8″ outer steel tube
  • Tough hexagonal guide tube
  • Weighs just a little more than 3FL
  • Vinyl bowl guard
  • Vinyl grip and turning handle
  • Grip Clip for securing the cable

Tools made in the USA