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The Narrow London pattern has a rounded heel which shapes the blade so that the mortar is carried a little further forward on the blade.

W. Rose Trowels are the World's Finest Bricklaying tools.  W. Rose Trowels are meticulously hand crafted from special tool steel in a unique process involving forging, heat-treating, and hand polishing to produce the world's finest one piece bricklaying trowels.

This W. Rose Trowel features a cork handle with natural moisture absorbent properties and an ergonomic, fatigue reducing design that provides for a secure grip.

W Rose Model No. RO116-12LK: 12" Limber Blade with 4 3/4 " Heel Width

When You Want The Best....It's W. Rose

  • NOTE: This trowel has a limber more flexible blade
  • W.Rose Brick Trowels have been made of one piece forged steel for over 200 years
  • Blade and tang forged in one piece with a speacial heat tempered process for a strong and durable blade
  • W. Rose blades are unmatched in the industry for strength and flexiblity
  • Special taper grind and superior flexibility in every blade
  • No-Turn cork handle with natural moisture absorbent properties
  • Well balanced for less fatigue

W. Rose Quality means World Renowned Excellence!

Tools made in the USA