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Reed Tool forged steel adjustable hydrant wrench fit pentagon nuts up to 1 3/4” or square nuts up to 1 1/4” and have spanners for either pin or lug style hose couplings. Th wrench is a Storz® style wrench for hydrants and 4” and 5” Storz® fittings and has a ductile iron head and a steel handle. The head and threaded handle adjust to fit standard sizes of pentagon and square operating nuts. A spanner hook is part of the head casting, which loops out to grab lugs on Storz fittings, allowing the whole hydrant wrench to turn these fittings for maximum leverage.

Reed Tool Model No. HWS45

  • 2-in-1 hydrant wrench offers a spanner for the Storz® fitting and an integrated, adjustable pentagon socket for turning operating nuts.
  • Fits Storz fittings on fire hydrants.
  • Both pentagon and square operating nuts fit the adjustable, pentagon socket.
  • Durable wrench construction comprised of ductile iron head and steel handle.
  • Handles up to 5” coupling size for lug style hose.
  • Overall Length 20.5"