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FallTech Suspended Cable Anchor is a versatile fall protection anchor that when inserted through overhead openings in surfaces such as steel decking, concrete and grating, serves as a temporary reusable overhead point for a wide variety of personal fall arrest and restraint systems.

Capable of being used for single user fall arrest or restraint, the Suspended Cable Anchor is comprised of a high strength cable attached to a load-bearing plate at one end and with a swivel anchor eye on the attachment end.

Falltech Model No. 74946

  • High Strength 1/4" Galvanized Cable; Hi-Visibility Load-Bearing Plate; and one Swivel Anchor Eye Fitted to the Attachment End.
  • Temporary or permanent overhead attachment
  • High-visibility low carbon steel anchor plate
  • Insert through overhead openings in steel decking, concrete or grating
  • 1” diameter swivel eye for ease of connection, with 5000 lbs. Tensile strength
  • OSHA compliant 425 lbs. Capacity – Maximum 310 lbs. to maintain ANSI Z359.1 compliance

Tools made in the USA