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Ergonomic, force and safety – The Maxx Pro VDE insulated screwdrivers gets best results in all disciplines. It is tested individually in a water bath at 10,000 volts which enables it to work with voltages of up to 1,000.

Maxx Pro Model No. 9T 653742

  • Includes: Slotted 9/64 x 3, 5/32 x 4, 7/32 x 5, 1/4 x 6 Phillips #1 x 3, #2 x 4
  • Provides Added Protection against Injury by Electrical Shock from Energized Circuits with Voltage up to 1000 Volts AC
  • Insulated Comfort Grip Handles are 1000 Volt VDE-Tested
  • High Alloy Chrome Vandium Steel, Black Oxide Tips
  • The curved longitudinal outline of the ergonomic handles enables high application forces
  • The proven triangle shape corresponds exactly to the ideal turning angle of the hand 120 degrees
  • Comfortable handling due to soft component on the edges
  • Fast turning zone from soft material makes working comfortable and safe
  • Meets/Exceeds IEC EN DIN 60900
  • Made in Germany