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RR3M Road Runner Outdoor/Long Run Wheels, Metric, .318 meter diameter, Single wheel. Time-proven designs with over a dozen years of continuous improvement. 5-digit, easy-read, magnified counter (9,999 meters) that subtracts in reverse. Measures almost two miles without resetting. Heavy-duty, polycast wheel w/ clean three-spoke design. Heavy-duty, polycast wheel with clean three-spoke design. Curved, telescoping handle adjusts to comfort level. 5-digit counter. Up to 9,999 meters. The last digit displays the decimeters.

Keson Model No. RR3M

  • Complete with kickstand.
  • It's easy to measure curved, horizontal and asymmetrical surfaces with its 0.318m diameter (1m circumference) wheel.
  • Three-section handle telescopes up to 38 inches so you can measure without bending.
  • Weighs less than 2 pounds.
  • 5-digit, easy-read, magnified counter measures 9,999 meters and 9/10th Decimeter without resetting.

Tools made in the USA