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With its reversible and adjustable head the Reed Tool Ratchet Wrench lets workers access nuts in tight quarters. The two socket sizes feature a 12-point design which helps the sockets grip and hold for pipeline and construction work. A unique feature of the wrench head is its ability to adjust position. Loosen the large wing nut to swing the socket head from side to side. Flipping the socket head, by disassembling the wing nut and bolt, makes it possible to use either socket opening without interference. The 36-teeth pattern means there are 10 degrees between teeth which is beneficial for work in tight spaces and limited handle swing.

Extra attention to construction is found in the strong, cast steel sockets which are built for accuracy. The design of the ratchet engagement yields smooth operation and quick reversal movements. A robust, double pawl secures the tool in forward or reverse. Torque rating is 200 foot pounds.

Reed Tool Model No. L2N1ADJ

  • Reversible, adjustable head with easy-to-use wing nut for positioning.
  • Two socket sizes back-to-back give double use to the wrench.
  • Head pivots and locks in 30 degree intervals.
  • Adjustable head allows easy access to MJ bolts on the bottom of the pipe.
  • Handle Length 17"

Tools made in the USA