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The MBW R422 Rammers are ideally suited for the compaction of granular, mixed and cohesive soils in confined areas. A mainstay in contractor and municipal fleets, the R422 is a highly productive percussion rammer at less than 145 lbs. The contoured fuel tank provides the largest fuel capacity in its class and effectively baffles engine noise. Power is supplied by Honda engines.

MBW rammers achieve unmatched durability by using highdensity non-metallic slide bearings and spring separators. These components last up to 6 times longer than their metal counterparts, create less friction and heat, preserve lubricant integrity, and produce less internal load for the engine to overcome. Compression springs made of stress relieved, chrome-silicon alloy steel and a percussion housing of lightweight, durable aluminum alloy provide the strength for all MBW rammers.

MBW Model No. 422H

  • Honda GX100 2.8HP 4-cycle engine
  • Travel speed up to 55 feet per minute
  • Elevated bellows placement for trench applications
  • Polyethylene slide bearings provide minimal internal wear
  • 11" high density, ductile cast iron tamping shoe


Tools made in the USA