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Malco Tool offers two varieties of 9-Gauge hog ring staples, galvanized steel and aluminum alloy. Both work with the Malco HRP5 Hog Ring Pliers. Each pack of staples comes with 25-piece no sharp edge loading strips for easy loading and safety. Every staple is made to create a unique overlap-clinch on the job that provides a stronger, more secure connection. Weather resistant coatings provide longer lasting staples for any weather type. The ring diameter of these hog ring staples can easily secure 7-ga. tension wire to 9-ga. chain link fence. One 500 pack easily secures 1000″ of tension wire spaced at 24″ intervals.

Malco Tool Model No. HRA5 EV

  • For use with Malco HRP5 Hog Ring Pliers.
  • 25-piece easy loading strips with no sharp points for safety.
  • Ring diameter easily secures 7-ga. (4.5 mm) tension wire to 9-ga. (3.8 mm) chain link fence.
  • Unique overlap-clinch provides stronger, more secure connection.
  • One 500 pack secures 1000 feet (305 m) of tension wire spaced at 24” (61 cm) intervals.
  • Weather Resistant – 6061-T94 or 5052-H38 Alloy

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