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The Stainless Steel Self Lock combines two great features into one innovative and unique tape measure. Not only does this have the self locking feature of Komelon's #1 selling product, it is also made with stainless steel components to prevent rusting, extending its long life. This tape works the way tape measures always should have. With the Self-Lock, all you do is pull the blade out and it stays out! There's no need to lock the blade in place. It does the work for you. Now, when you want the blade to return, just press the top button and the blade will return as fast or as slow as you wish. Remember, this isn't just a Self-Lock; this is the Stainless Steel Self-Lock which will measure up in any work conditions. Innovation at its finest and bringing you durable, quality products is what Komelon is about. The Stainless Steel Self-Lock puts these core functions together and delivers it to you.

Komelon Model No. SLSS125

  • Stainless steel blade, end hook, and inner components
  • Self locking blade with push button return
  • Non glare silver blade