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Knipex Tools is the worlds largest manufacturer of professional pliers since 1882. Knipex Pliers, Cutters, Insulated Tools and other products have been the tools of choice for Professional Tradesmen and end users who are serious about their hand tools and demand industrial quality. Knipex Tools are made from start to finish utilizing the highest quality materials. Based in Germany, Knipex Tools are German engineered to produce a tool unmatched in the industry in terms of features, comfort, design and performance.

Set contains an 8" Long Nose Side Cutting Pliers, 8" High Leverage Diagonal Cutters and 10" Aligator Pump Pliers packaged in durable plastic container.

Knipex Tool Model No. 00 20 08 US1

  • For very tough, continuous use
  • Vanadium heavy-duty steel; forged, oil-hardened
  • Made in Germany