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Ideal for professional electricians, this 10-piece Knipex set features tools with insulated handles that meet or exceed ASTM F1505-01 and IEC 60900:2004 standards for electrical work. The set offers five pliers and five screwdrivers, and it comes in a durable, shock-resistant black carrying case with a honeycomb foam insert that enables you to store a variety of equipment.

Knipex Tool Model No. 9K 98 98 30 US

  • Provides Added Protection against Injury by Electrical Shock from Energized Circuits with Voltage up to 1000 Volts AC
  • High quality, versatile, shock-resistant plastic case
  • Insulated Comfort Grip Two-Color Dual Component Handles are 1000 Volt VDE-Tested
  • Insulated Screwdrivers Have a Triangular Handle for Great Grip
  • Made in Germany

Set includes:

9-inch high-leverage combination pliers
8-inch chain nose side cutting pliers (stork beak pliers)
6-1/2-inch cable shears
8-inch high-leverage diagonal cutter
10-inch Alligator water pump pliers
Slotted screwdriver (4-inch length)
Slotted screwdriver (5.9-inch length)
Philips screwdriver (3.15-inch length)
Philips screwdriver (4-inch length)
Robertson square-drive screwdriver (4-inch length)