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The Klein Tools Coax Explorer 2 verifies proper continuity of F-connector coaxial cables and maps their location. The color-coded remotes allow for up to four cables to be tested and mapped, displaying cable status via LED indicators - PASS, OPEN, or SHORT - that also identify the cable/remote location.

Klein Tool Model No. VDV512-101

  • Tests coaxial cable and maps up to 4 locations with replaceable AAA batteries
  • Simple push button operation for wire tracing on a compact tester that fits in your pocket
  • Bright LEDs indicate cable status (good/open/short) and location of each cable
  • Color-coded push-on remotes allow for up to four cables to be tested and mapped
  • The test remotes and F-adapter conveniently snap into the remote holder for storage; the remote holder clips onto the tester
  • Includes removable, snap-on remote holder, 4 color-coded push-on remotes, F adapter and batteries
  • Uses 2 replaceable AAA batteries

Instruction Manual

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