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This innovative wheel feature a gear shaft driven counter placed above the wheel. This results in a better balanced wheel. The counter reset on the handle and on the unit housing means no more bending over, lifting the wheel, or stepping on it to reset it to zero. The brake on the pistol grip stops counting instantly. A collapsing hings snaps the wheel into the extended position with the flick of the wrist and it disconnects, rather than breaks, if you forget to press the unlock trigger.

The five-digit magnified counter subtracts in reverse and displays measurements in feet (up to 9,999 feet) and inches.

Keson Model No. RRT6M

  • Enhanced pistol grip
  • Reset trigger
  • Counter reset on the handle
  • 5-digit, easy-read, magnified counter measures 9,999 meters and 9/10th Decimeter without resetting.