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Feels Like Butter

That is the feeling you get with the new Elite-Cut Exo-Grit diamond blades. The feeling of transforming cutting hard material into something like butter. The next generation of Elite-Cut diamond blades is developed for you, the cutting specialist who demands top blade performance for your specific application. The performance of Elite-Cut blades is not only measured in terms of cutting speed and life, but also in how you feel when using it.

Cut longer, Cut Faster

If you spend most of your work day cutting concrete, you know what difference a great cutting blade can make. By combining our two most innovative diamond segment designs – Exo-Grit and Z-Edge – we've succeeded in developing a diamond blade that cuts smoother, faster and lasts longer than anything before it.
Benchmarked against previous Elite-Cut series, the next generation adds up to 20% cutting speed and 10% service life according to our field tests. 

Elite-Cut S65 delivers increased cutting performance while cutting in building blocks and other abrasive materials. It features three different segment designs, the Z-Edge shaped, the Flat Exo-Grit segment and a Flat Exo-Grit Plus segment designed to protect the blade and increase wear resistance. A perfect match for your masonry saws and handheld power cutters.

Husqvarna gold level tools are developed for intense professional use and provide maximum cutting speed and wear resistance.

Use wet or dry 14" x .125 x 1 DP

Husqvarna Model No. 599494825

Material Result
Reinforced Concrete, Brick, Block, Roof tile, Abrasive Optimal
Concrete, Green concrete Good
Asphalt Acceptable