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Fabulon Heavy-Duty High Gloss Polyurethane
This product is known by professionals and homeowners as one of the finest, long-lasting polyurethane's on the market It has exceptionally high polyurethane resin content that assures maximum durability, excellent body and a long lasting no wax finish . It never needs waxing. This finish provides an easy-to-care for "coat of protection" on wood floors.

All Polyurethane's are not Created Equal!
Most manufacturers will attempt to convince the Do-It-Yourselfer that there is no difference in application and performance between a low cost and higher cost Polyurethane's. Terms like "long lasting", "tough"' "durable", "recommended" are often used haphazardly.

Many manufacturers formulate an alkyd varnish with a very small amount of the key ingredient: Polyurethane. Alkyd varnish is not an ideal product for a floor, it does not last for a long time and requires re-finishing within a short period of time.

Fabulon's polyurethane cost more because they are formulated with "on spec" polyurethane resin and the highest quality grades of polyurethane resin. They are specifically tested for heavy duty wood floor use.

To retain a light wood finish for all types of wood use a first coat of FABULON'S® PRYME Primer and Sealer.

Coverage: 400-600 Square foot per gallon

Warning: Fabulon Professional has VOC: 480 g/L (4.01 lbs/gal) and is illegal to sell and buy in some states