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Adjustable strap and quick release buckle hold drill securely in place. Ballistic poly material provides strength and durability. Hook and loop backing keeps strap back when not in use. Angled holster provides better drill balance. Added pockets and elastic loops hold bits, chuck key, drivers, etc. Fits belts to 2 3/4'' wide.

DeWalt Model No. DG5120

  • Adjustable Strap and Quick-Release Buckle
    Holds drill securely in place
  • Ballistic Poly Material
    Provides strength and durability
  • Hook & Loop Backing
    Keeps strap back when not in use
  • Angled Holster
    Provides better drill balance
  • Added Pockets and Elastic Loops
    Hold bits, chuck key, drivers, etc.
  • Fits Belts to 2¾" Wide