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Rennsteig is a division of the Knipex Group that specializes in the manufacturing and development of high quality tools. For over 30 years, Rennsteig has been manufacturing products designed for maximum performance, ease of use and long life.

The Rennsteig Double-Edged Bolt Extractors represent a new generation of tools to easily remove damaged bolts and screws.

Knipex Tool Model No. 9R 471 900 3

  • Four-double edged cutting / gripping edges = 8 points of contact
  • Non-slip engagement removes even the toughest frozen bolts
  • Tip has built-in center punch, no additional tool required
  • For both left and right-handed threads
  • Made of High Alloy German Chrome Vanadium steel for a long life
  • Made in Germany

5 Easy Steps

  • Mark the center point for your drill hole using the built-in center punch on the extractor
  • Drill a hole in the bolt
  • Drive the bolt extractor into the bore hole until the cutting edges are in full contact with the broken bolt
  • Use a wrench, pliers or socket to remove the bolt out of the thread hole – turn it either clockwise or counterclockwise
  • After unscrewing, remove the damaged screw or bolt from the extractor